Gopal Ji Soni ( Uncontrolled Diabetic II Patient )


 Name:- Gopal Soni               Age:- 59 Years                 Add:- Bikaner


Disease Discription:-


Treatment Given:-


Patient Review


Review from “Gopal Soni”


My name is “Gopal Soni” and I am from jail road Bikaner Rajasthan.

I am a diabetic patient. So I went to “Vishla agro tech”Bikaner for treatment. This company situated near of my home.

On dated 02 October 2013 I went there and met to the doctor so he tested my blood and in reports my sugar level was 293 which was higher. So doctor gave me “Dr.Thanki Diabetic Powder for 10 days and told me for come back for next tests.

On dated 10 October 2013 I did next blood test and sugar level came 144 which was less than previous reports. It means medicine working properly. During all this, I was taking medicines continuously.

Now on dated 17 October 2013 I did another blood test and now my sugar level came 112.03. It was unbelievable. Now next reports came on 15 November 2013 and sugar level came 107. I was happy that I was free from this disease and living like a normal person.

Doctor cured me within 45 days and I want to thank to Ayurveda and also company for my treatment and make me free from diabetic.

 one night one mosquitto bited on my finger and i found a ulcer on my finger i asked the Dr. of vishla agro tech pvt ltd about that he did not suggested any medicine for that, i am suffering with hyper acidity for a longer time but the Dr. suggested me on 15.11.2013 to take half cup of cold milk for four times a day.


Gopal soni








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